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Curitiba Temple

Monday, September 9, 2013

Warner Robins Address, Thunderstorms and Phlegm


How are you all?! It feels like it's been forever since we were speaking on the phone a week ago! A ton has happened in the last week! So you now know that my mission president is President Cottle. Him and his wife are just wonderful! He actually served in Brazil! And so did 4 members in the ward I serve in (Warner Robins 1st ward)! The Lord totally knows what He's doing. One member actually offered to let me practice teaching him lessons in Portuguese, so we'll see if I can work that out. I love it here in Georgia. It is very different from California! It's pretty humid here, but I figure I'm taking baby steps to Brazil. The first two days, Sister MacDuff (my companion!) and I were tracting, and we got hit with a flash thunderstorm outta nowhere! I actually discovered I love tracting, and I still love it when it's raining. I don't know what it is, it's kind of energizing, even when we feel like we're gonna pass out. Also, we drive cars here! So I filled out some paperwork at the mission home my first night, and we'll see what comes through first: my driving record or my visa. Really, I'm okay with anything! I know that the Lord sent me here for a divine purpose, and I'm learning to just let go of my will and seek to do only His will. It has been a great learning experience!

So, I'm still sick! Sorry for the details, but I need Momma's advice on what to do. I've been coughing up phlegm since like two days before I left the MTC. I started taking Zyrtec and Advil Cold/Sinus every night for three nights now, and I don't feel any different. Really, it doesn't hurt or make me tired, it's just kind of annoying. What can I do?

Anyways, there are a lot of less active members here, so Sis MacDuff and I try to visit as many as possible. We haven't had much success there though. There are also a lot of part member families here, and usually the members in the family are less active. We're trying to work with them and discern their needs so we can get them back at church! The active members are so great. They are all very excited about the work! They are very supportive of us and do all they can to spread the gospel where they are. We get fed about 5/7 nights a week, which is just awesome. Pretty good food so far! Lots of red meat, but I am grateful for what they do for us.

Sister MacDuff and I were tracting one day, and we knocked on the door of an African American family. The woman answered the door, and she seemed a little scattered and we were sure she was gonna shut the door, but she asked us to come in! So we talked to here about her beliefs and what we were there for, and she wanted us to come back and teach her family the next morning! So we taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and her and her husband both accepted the invitation to be baptized! On the first lesson! It was amazing because we didn't even bring up baptism yet, C*ence (the husband) said he'd never been baptized and that's something he knew he wanted. So he just opened that door right up for us! They are such a loving family. M*y and C*ence have 4 kids between ages 18 and 27, so they all moved out, but they have custody of their 4 grandchildren who all have special needs. The children have shown us so much love. These people are absolutely ready to accept the gospel. I can't wait to work with them more and tell you about their progress!

I love you all with my entire heart! You make me so happy and so proud. Here is my apt. address: 121 Margie Drive Apt. 1502, Warner Robins, GA 31093. Try not to write a week before transfers, just in case. Also, when I get my visa, I'll stay the rest of the transfer in GA. I love getting letters from you! Especially since I can't see my emails until Monday. So write me as much as you want :) Momma, how was your birthday?! I wish I'd had time to send you something! Just know I was thinking of you! Also, can I have Lauren's email? I wanna know how the pregnancy is going! Tell her I love and miss her, and I pray for her and Chris.
A less active member we visited gave me this scripture to send to you from me, look up Galatians 6:11. I hope it gives you a good chuckle ;)

I love you all! Write soon!

Sister Ramsden

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