Curitiba Temple

Curitiba Temple

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hosts, Sister Rasmussen, and January of Next Year

Oi familia!

How is everyone doing? I love and miss you all! I can't believe my time at the MTC is already coming to an end! This Thursday or Friday, we will find out where the Lord wants us to serve now. We think that if people get visas past 3 weeks of being here, the travel office might hold them until the entire district gets re-assigned, so maybe we'll have some visas with our re-assignments. Two districts left this week, and four people got visas while everyone else got re-assignments! But we're all very excited and very ready to go wherever the Lord sends us. We've all grown so close that it will be kind of sad leaving each other, but we have each other's e-mail addresses, so hopefully we can keep in touch.

Last Wednesday, our district got to host new missionaries! We just helped them get their stuff out of the car, took them through the lines to get the name-tags and such, took them to the bookstore, dropped everything off at their residence, then dropped them off at the classroom. Each person took maybe 20ish minutes, so I got to host 4 new sisters. The work just keeps moving forward! We got one new district this week, which included four new sisters that Sister Wilson and I have had the opportunity to get to know. We still love our calling! We just sent ten sisters off to Brazil and various states here. And we get 14 new sisters tomorrow! Now we are the oldest district. It's a weird feeling. I feel like we just got here! Time really is flying.

On Thursday, we had TRC, and we were supposed to Skype with native speakers in Brazil or Portugal, but they only had one volunteer that day, so Sister Wilson and I taught Irmão Miller as himself. It was kind of cool talking to him as someone other than an investigator or our teacher, just as a regular person. We talked about how to receive revelation through reading the scriptures, and I could feel the Spirit so strongly.

On Friday, we taught Juliano and committed him to baptism! What was funny though, was we set a date for next month, and he was like "Yeah! In 2014!" And we were like uhhhh.... Actually this year. He said he would commit if we made it January of next year, so that's what it is! When we ended, Irmão Cannon told us that a lot of Brazilians will accept your invitation for the following year. Sadly, we only have one lesson left with him, so we won't get to see where we could have taken him. But next week we'll be doing all of this for real! So exciting!!

This week again, Brother Egget (choir director) told us that tonight's devotional will be broadcast to all the MTCs! He didn't make it as obvious as he did last time that it would be an apostle, but my district has been buzzing with ideas of who it might be. I think the general guess is Elder Holland. So I'll tell you all about it next P-Day! Also, I said the closing prayer during Sunday night's devotional in front of thousands of missionaries! It was super nerve-racking, but I got lots of compliments. Then yesterday, I was in the cafeteria, and I hear an Elder calling, "Sister Rasmussen! Sister Rasmussen!" And even though that isn't my name, I looked around to see who it was for some reason. Well, it was this blonde elder who looked familiar. I look down at his tag: "Elder Fillerup"!! So I went over, and Ian Fillerup and I talked for a little bit! He's going to Argentina on his mission! It was cool but kinda funny to see him.

On Friday, both of our teachers taught spiritual lessons that I feel we really needed to hear as a district. They taught us enough that I think it taught each of us something different that really helped us individually. With Irmão Cannon, we learned a lot about the importance of obedience and diligence before, during, and after our missions. At the end of class, he went around the room and individually invited us to commit to certain things that were specific to our needs. It was a perfect message. I hope that we can all more fully apply that to our missions and the rest of our lives. The second class, Irmão Miller ended the discussion by having us write in our journals what we learned about Heavenly Father's will for us individually. It really opened my eyes and helped me realize and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord is pleased with my decision to be here on a mission. He knows I can do this. He has already strengthened me so much to fulfill this work. If there had ever been any doubts in my mind whether or not this is where I was supposed to be right now, they all went away. I am so happy to be here and to help bring the Lord's children to the truth of the gospel. I am ready to go where He wants me to go! When I receive my assignment, I will get to e-mail you, so check your inbox Thursday or Friday! I love you so much!!! Write me soon!

Muito amor,
Sister Ramsden

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