Curitiba Temple

Curitiba Temple

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cold Feet, Out of the Blue, and Hitting a High A!!!

My dear family,

I hope y'all are doing well! So, the cold feet is referring to the fact that it is really cold here! Nothing figurative haha. It was a good week!

We taught a lot of lessons. M. is still progressing toward her baptism on the 28th! And... so is A.!! Remember her? Well she showed up at church out of the blue the other week, so we started visiting with her more regularly again, and she feels ready to be baptized! I can see the change in her from when I first got here to now. She is so much happier and has a much greater desire to follow God's commandments and enter the covenant of baptism. We met with her almost every day last week, and we have full support from the bishop and many others in the ward who already love her so much. We're working with her and E. as a family so they can progress toward the temple together as well. Everything is just going really well with them! After 35 years of investigating the church, A. is finally getting baptized! Woohoo!!!! We are ecstatic.

We are still working with the R. family, and they are still progressing, just very slowly. E. is a very educated man and has a lot of deep questions. Deep questions and surface concerns. We struggle with knowing how to help them progress toward baptism. They continue attending church and they love the people and they receive answers to questions there. The girls have even been better about reading from the Book of Mormon. I. said she gets answers every time she reads! She is really the most receptive to the things we teach. So Heavenly Father is teaching us patience with this family. Sister Madsen and I joke that we'll sing Hallelujah when they finally accept a baptism date (The South has gotten to me).

Speaking of, we got recruited to sing in the ward choir for Christmas, and that's one of the songs we're singing. For some reason, someone thought it would be a good idea for Sister Ramsden to sing soprano... I invite you to listen to the Hallelujah Chorus by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and wonder how in the world I was able to hit a high A! It was truly a miracle. I feel so much happiness with Christmas coming up!

I love that I have the opporunity to serve my Lord and Savior as a gift to Him during this season. I feel more love for my brothers and sisters around me, and for you!! Thank you for your love. I hope that y'all are having a wonderful Christmas season. I wish to give you the advice that President Cottle gave to us: Choose to look outwardly instead of inwardly. I know that that is when we will feel the truest and deepest peace and happiness. I love you all with all my heart! Take care.

All my love,

Sister Ramsden

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