Curitiba Temple

Curitiba Temple

Monday, January 13, 2014

That's Pronounced Martin-EZ, Driving Privileges, and Tornado Warning!!!

That's pronounced Martin-EZ (Crazy Georgians). Well it has been the longest week of my mission! Adjusting to a new area is kind of surreal. Sister Evans is my new companion, and she IS the Brazil visa waiter I told you about last week! So I'm just doing the second half of her twelve week training. Which is still very difficult!

She doesn't know the area very well, so the first thing we did when I got here was drive to Walmart and buy a GPS. Yeah, I bought it. I didn't want to at first! But I figure I'll send it home when I get my visa, so I can have it later :) It actually wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. I got my driving privileges the day of transfers, so I get to drive this transfer! I was super nervous, cuz it's been almost six months since I've driven. But it was a piece of cake ;)

The work here is really rough. A lot of members I met on Sunday told me this is a rough area. We knock a lot with no real success. But Sister Evans and I have a ton of fun together. She helps keep the spirits light. She is crazy and we just laugh a lot. We live in an apartment with another set of sisters, Sister Curtis and Sister Eggett. I love living with three sisters! They're awesome. I love them all, and we have some good times. Our apartment is a little old, it's been in the mission for a long time, and elders have lived there before, so you can only imagine... But it definitely has character! I figure it's preparing me that much more for when I get to Brazil, cuz it is a huuuge difference from our apartment in Warner Robins. But it's all good!

I really enjoy getting to have all these different experiences. I feel like Heavenly Father has been allowing me to have baby steps to when I get to Brazil. Maybe I wouldn't have been able to handle everything in Brazil if I had gotten my visa right away. I'm just grateful for the many opportunities I've been given, all the people I've met, the things I've learned. I know Father only has my best interest in mind. There is absolutely a reason why I haven't gotten my visa yet. Father knows best :) I have to say, I really feel like I'm getting my visa this transfer. I just get these feelings every transfer about what's going to happen, and I've always been right so far. So I love being able to practice Portuguese with Sister Evans! It's fun.

So on Saturday, we were playing sports at the church with the youth, and we got a text that all missionaries were on lock down because of a tornado warning in Georgia. We ended up being at the church for three hours! It was pouring down rain outside, but it didn't seem too windy, so we weren't really worried. So, no tornadoes :)

Oh, Sister Evans has family in Chico! That was a crazy connection. We both felt like we'd seen each other before, so we really might have cuz she's been to Chico before! About my new address, the sisters said we're supposed to go through the mission office, so just write to that address. Packages can also be forwarded from the mission office, just so you know. I figure that will help me prepare for Brazil, too, cuz I'll get a lot less mail there. So y'all really need to e-mail me every week! I need to hear from you and know how you're doing and what's going on. And keep writing letters, too :) I wanna get them while I'm still in the country! I love y'all and I hope you're doing really well. Know that I pray for you!! Have a great week :)
> Love always,
> Sister Ramsden

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