Curitiba Temple

Curitiba Temple

Monday, January 27, 2014

Water Damage, Gypsy Capital of America, and One Year Left!!!

It has been one crazy week! Our apartment has been falling apart - it started with a leaky dishwasher, leading to floor replacement, leading to our hot water getting cut off. Well, the kitchen sink only gave hot water, and the shower only gave cold water. It was crazy! But Sister Evans is a handy woman and she fixed it for us. Our dishwasher is still broken, but at least we can control the temperature of the sink to wash our dishes.

Then on the way to the library today, our neighbor called us and said that our front door was wide open. We aren't worried that someone got inside or anything, but apparently our door doesn't click into the frame, and we forgot to lock it :/ We're super lucky to have awesome neighbors who help us out. One who replaced our floor for us, and one who calls us if something's wrong. Anyways, we are blessed!

Can you believe I only have a year left? It's crazy that my mission is already a third over. But I still got two-thirds to go, and I certainly plan to use it to the best of my ability. Sister Evans said something interesting the other day. She was just thinking about how she would feel if she were coming home tomorrow. If she would feel like she really gave her heart to the work. That just put things into perspective. We have both resolved to work that much more diligently and obediently. Speaking of Sister Evans, I can't believe she's related to the Holmeses!! I started seeing Mariah around the YSA ward before I left. What a small world!

Fun fact about the Augusta, Georgia area: It's the gypsy capital of the country. Did you know that? I haven't seen any that I know of, but we have heard all about them. One of our investigators was actually stolen from by gypsies. It kinda creeps me out, but it's just interesting the diversity that we have in this country. I never would've thought we'd have legitimate gypsies...

But anyways, C*****a is a woman who's been investigating the church for years. We found out last week that she wants to be baptized really badly - she knows it's all true - but her husband has heard weird stuff about the church, so he doesn't want her to. His heart is really softening though! So I know some day they will be baptized together. Probably the greatest miracle this week was in mine and Sister Evans' plan to help an investigator, H**e, accept a baptismal date. She has also been investigating for years and has been going back and forth between two religions. But she accepted the date of February 8th! We have really good feelings about that day, and we have faith that she can make the necessary steps to be ready to be baptized that day. It'll take hard work on our part and on hers, but it can happen. So the work here is moving forward slowly but surely!

I love the sisters that I serve with here. We all needed to be here together, I know that for sure. But more than that, we were all called to our specific areas for a reason. We just have to dig to find what that reason is. On Sunday, we taught a youth fireside with the elders about applying the scriptures to ourselves. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown sooo much!! I love this book! Go back and read "Safety for the Soul" by Elder Holland. I read it and watched it this week, and it just strengthens my testimony even more. I love this gospel, I know it's true with my whole soul. I love y'all and thank you for your love and the things you do in your lives to be missionaries in your own ways. Keep up the good work, and have an awesome week!

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